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October thirty-first the spookiest night of the year every year on this night people gather to celebrate Halloween there are many traditions associated with this holiday many common behaviors one might see people dressed up in costumes many of which are scary monsters and the dead as is the custom of the celebration but anything else from superheroes to peanut butter and jelly are fair game as well children especially can be seen wandering neighborhoods in these costumes ringing doorbells and exclaiming trick-or-”treat in the hopes of receiving a handout of candy” Halloween day ”

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  • although occasionally they’re stuck with a classic toothbrush or pencil inside these houses which are often decorated to resemble a haunted house in some way with a fun side of course parties are held scary movies are washed apples are bopped for pumpkins are hollowed out with faces carved into them and candles placed into them to be put on display corn mazes hayrides scary stories music haunted houses latex apple cider and pumpkin pie. it’s often regarded as an enjoyable celebration, however, consider explaining it to someone halloween day
  • who had no prior knowledge of it how strange it all must seem we must ask why do we do these things where did this holiday come from how far does it go back is it Christian pagan or neither is it a European holiday or an American one in this documentary we will be exploring not only the history of Halloween and the origins of these traditions but also the associated tales and characters such as the cunning Count Dracula the mischievous Jack of the lantern and the fearsome monster of Frankenstein we will look at
halloween day
  • How Halloween is celebrated around the world but of course the main goal of this special presentation documentary the first of the campfire videos by the way is to have fun I would also like to mention I’m not here to tell you that you should or should not celebrate Halloween my goal is just to give an honest explanation of the holiday in a special holiday presentation so that being said let’s get boo it get it boo it yeah I don’t know how I’m so hilarious it’s uh just a gift I guess [Music] before we begin I would like to thank Murray Rhodes Ryan Mendoza Benjamin vid Stein and Adam bahen for being our most recent supporters on patreon they joined these supporters who make these videos possible the first question we must ask in our quest to understand Halloween where did it begin where did it come from paganism Christianity Victorian novels Europe America Canada the answer is yes by that I mean Halloween is a combination of a variety of different cultural and religious beliefs and it varies from culture to culture Halloween in the United States is notably different from the equivalent in Mexico. Halloween day
  • let’s begin with the beginning to do that we must go to ancient times specifically ancient Western Europe the vast majority of cultures and belief systems across the world and across time have some sort of holiday or event centered around the Dead their ancestors their forebearers those who may have lost some are simple times of mourning remembrance and honoring them others are large gatherings and events in even festivals too the Celts in ancient people centered in the British Isles and Western Europe but found across what is today Spain to what is today Turkey the latter tradition was quite prominent over 2,000 years ago they were very likely celebrating a holiday called saw one saw one was a pagan Celtic specifically Irish Festival which on our calendars occurred on the date of October 31st it spelled s a.m. h AI n but because Irish is a confusing language it’s pronounced saw one saw one was not a person nor monster in our God at least probably not it was a festival there was a very similar holiday called Cullen goth practiced by the protonic Celts the Welsh in that the celebration began at sunset and lasted until sunrise on November 1st which was possibly the first day of the Celtic New Year although that is contested some have attempted to revive solvent and these neo-pagans may still celebrate it

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  • Instead of Halloween but for the purposes of this documentary we’re focusing on the ancient Celtic festival the festival marked the beginning of winter to the counts indeed the word saw one was actually Irish for summer’s end and remains the word for November in Irish it was a very important time much of Irish mythology mentions it and many great stories begin during or take place on solid very little however is known about the actual details of the celebration indeed it is not known exactly what role honoring the dead even play what we do know comes from traditions that carried on any Celtic world into recorded history and the records of medieval Irish monks who took the time to write down the traditions of their ancestors
  • these monks wrote centuries after Aravind had been converted however still there is very likely some truth to their accounts saw when was very likely an important date for the ancient Irish not simply for religious reasons but also political social and pastoral reasons as well tribes held great meetings and councils laws were put into place lawbreakers were banished and the season of war very common in Ireland was ended two ancient peoples the beginning of winter was a time to take stock of food and supplies cattle, for example, Halloween day was of major importance to ancient Celtic specifically Irish society they were regarded as a form of wealth and in a sense were used as a currency it was on or around the first day of spring that these cattle were led to pastures to graze and perhaps on saw one but they were brought back cattle were also slaughtered in his time as the meat kept better in the cold
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  • it was not strictly business though as I’ve mentioned a festival is said to have been held there were feasts gatherings contests of his horse racing and other fun rarely is saw one mentioned without mention of alcohol for the majority of cultures days centered around remembrance of the dead tended to occur in autumn and winter it of course makes sense to have such days and times when the world around you seems to be dying and growing darker to be transitioning and hibernating to deal with the oncoming cold and sterility of winter this was quite possibly no exception Celtic pagan religion was heavily focused on nature the Celts were very much in touch with nature as they were very much dependent upon it periods of transition between seasons were periods of special importance the focus of the Altan hopefully I’m pronouncing that correctly held in May was on spring life and warmth saw one however was a darker festival on both Dalton and saw one it was believed that something strange occurred

origin of Halloween catholic

  • the barriers between this world and what the Celts called the Otherworld became very thin and people were able to even cross into the Otherworld or otherworldly beings were able to cross into ours the Otherworld in Celtic mythology can be complicated and interpretations of it may vary with the barriers between these worlds opened the dead or fairies and spirits called as she were able to cross into our world it was best therefore to the ancient Irish to stay close to the village and to engage in behaviors which would ward off any foul spirits that might wander into their world bonfires for example are said to have been common it is believed that these bonfires may have had spiritual importance for a number of reasons perhaps it was to mimic the life-giving Sun in a season where the daytime was getting shorter it was in to them that the Celts made offerings to the gods a portion of crops and animal sacrifices the fire is recite to have magical qualities to them and were likely used in divination rituals futuretelling not all spirits were malevolent some were the spirit former loved ones they may have been returning to their old homes on this one night of the year in order to appease them halloween day
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  • food and drink were often left out around a place for them to eat and be welcomed in return these spirits may have offered blessings again though not all had such intentions wicked spirits may have also come back in his time to seek revenge or curse others the S she may have also been hostile accordingly many people dress up in frightening costumes likely made from animal skins too were these spirits Halloween day off or at least to avoid being recognized perhaps you can see traditions which resemble our own modern ones lighting fires dressing up leaving food out for wandering spirits but it is not simply to these Celts that we owe Halloween another culture which you may have heard of had important festivals for both autumn and the dead that had a lasting impact on Western culture as well the Romans in celebrating the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance Pomona, for example, the Romans may have created the tradition of apple bobbing the Romans also had times for the dead as well

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  • the DA spot-on Tallis the ancestral days this was a nine-day celebration in February which celebrated the ancestral dead offerings of food were often left at the tombs of the Dead there was also lay mu diya held in May in which they acted to drive foul spirits off from their homes sometimes the head of a Roman household would walk around this house on this night throwing beings over his shoulder chanting around midnight hiked a cometo he said Adam Oh make way male squid Fabi’s I throw these with these beings I redeem me and mine the beans were supposed to be a way of warding off spirits milk was also poured onto graves and food gifts were offered on them in this time as well similar practices could be found across ancient Europe in some areas the early Germanic tribes were in regular contact with the cows they as fellow pastoralists likely had a festival around the same time which may have included the commemoration of the dead as well the Romans conquered many Celtic territories that is modern France and mantra pre English in Britain
history of halloween
history of halloween

but in many circumstances, there was negotiation it was far easier for the Catholic Church to convert people if they allowed them to retain their old culture the harmless aspects anyway they prefer to simply say hey that’s a nice festive week up there and be a lot cooler if you dedicated it to the one true God though who is the one true will I’m glad you asked essentially many pagan traditions were Christianized these activities were to be undertaken no longer in the name of pagan nature gods but in the name of Jesus Christ or at least as a secular tradition so long as of course,

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  • they did not contradict Christian teaching or beliefs or anything like that Halloween was not the only holiday to be influenced by pagan rituals Christmas and Easter as well began as pagan holidays whose traditions were converted into ways of worshipping for Halloween day

Christ and commemorating his life or were just traditions that lost their pagan religious elements many Christian theologians